I teach people how to tell empowering stories through  SOULTALK .

What is SoulTalk?
SOULTALK is a method of Personal Development created for individuals to discover and express the power of their voice through storytelling, appreciative inquiry and by forming high-quality connections with their community.

This is me

Experienced facilitator, educator, and public speaker with over 5 years of involvement consulting community engagement practices for non-profit, education, entrepreneurship, and public health bodies. Through my experiences, I have demonstrated what can become of effective communication strategies when applied through appealing engagements. I'm motivated by the will to help others let their SOULTALK by capitalizing on their social & emotional senses.

Facilitation  Creative Writing 
Project Management 

 Relationship Building   Client-focused

Analytical Skills  Community Outreach

I design and facilitate engaging group experiences for NGOs and educational institutions.

I believe in the power of storytelling. I discovered this power through spoken word poetry before translating those skills into public speaking and facilitation. 


It is my mission to demonstrate the magical ability story embodies to connect people from different walks of life and inspire agency in citizens to become active builders of community & culture. 

I’m a skilled communicator with a passion for community-building and human centered design. With a range of experience in the education, public health and the small business landscape – I am seeking to fulfill my natural role as a problem-solver working alongside the groups I care for the most. 

I’m a big picture thinker that genuinely enjoys sculpting the process of learning and development. I believe in community and the empowerment that can come from inclusive, creative and authentic conversations.


I've had the opportunity to work with incredible organizations focused on uplifting voices, supporting stigmatized populations and creating thoughtful skill development programs.

Do you recognize any below?